Induject-250 (ampoules)



Induject-250 (ampoules) is an anabolic and androgenic steroid from the Indian pharmaceutical company Alpha Pharma. The product is a mixture of testosterone. The drug is an injection, sold in packs of 10 ml of 250 mg / ml and 10×1 ml also at 250 mg / ml. Testosterone mix first appeared on the market as a means of hormone therapy, which was used to restore the secretion of the corresponding hormone.

Testosterone in Induject 250 from Alpha Pharma is planted on esters with different side chain lengths. This provides the drug a prolonged action. The composition of the steroid includes propionate, phenylpropionate, isocarpoact and decanoate of tetosterone. First, the hormone planted on propionate is cleaved into the blood and lasts for about 2 days, then phenylpropionate starts working (about 1 week), isocarpoate (one and a half weeks) starts to work, and the decanoate comes into effect last, and even more. Of course, injections are overlapped, which allows you to maintain the level of the hormone at a constant level. The undoubted advantage of Induject is a reduced number of injections. The drug does not cause pain and the formation of “bumps” at the injection site. Perhaps the main drawback of a testosterone mixture is the high cost, while the anabolic properties of the mix are no different from isolated forms.

Effects of Induject

  1. Increased muscle volume. Admission Induject is accompanied by a significant increase in muscle mass. During the monthly cycle of the drug, the athlete can gain up to 6 kilograms.
  2. Anti-catabolic effect. Induject suppresses the destruction of muscles, accelerates the regenerative processes.
  3. Strengthening the production of red blood cells. An increase in red blood cell mass can increase the athlete’s anaerobic threshold. This property is especially appreciated by athletes and skiers.
  4. Increased libido on the cycle.

The use of Induject by professional athletes is possible only in preparatory or recovery periods. The time of detection of the steroid at the doping control is 3 months.

Side Effects from Induject

Reactions of an organism to a suspension are no different from reactions to isolated forms of testosterone. Estrogenic side effects from Induject may occur as an increase in body fat, edema, gynecomastia and a significant inhibition of testosterone production. To prevent these negative reactions, it is necessary to apply anti-estrogens, best of all – aromatase inhibitors. The use of selective estrogen receptor modulators is advisable only as PCT.

How to take Induject

Induject cycleis not recommended for minors or athletes who have at least some contraindications. Before you start taking the drug is best to consult a sports doctor. The average cycle duration is one and a half to two months. The weekly dosage ranges from 250 to 500 milligrams, with injections every seven days. For cycles longer than 2 months, the use of gonadotropin is recommended. Also from the second week it is necessary to take aromatase inhibitors, simultaneously controlling the level of estrogen in the blood.

Boosters or other stimulants (for example, tribulus) are taken as post-cycle therapy to restore the secretion of endogenous testosterone. The hormone production is normalized in about 3-4 weeks. To increase the efficacy of taking Induject from Alpha Pharma, it is recommended to stick to a diet and supplement the ration with vitamin-mineral complexes.

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