6 CrossFit Exercises You Can Do At Home

Crossfit – this is exactly the method of training, through which you can develop almost all muscle groups. With these exercises, you can form a beautiful body, and significantly increase stamina and strength, even at home.

The principle of employment consists in alternation of the exercises which are carried out one after another with high intensity. CrossFit training is called “Workout of the Day” (workout of the day, or abbreviated as WOD).

The basic principles of training:

  1. Crossfit is designed to increase your stamina, so try to minimize the time between all approaches. Of course, at first it can be
  2. incredibly difficult, but the results will appear faster.
  3. Try to reach a state of extreme fatigue, do the exercises through “I can’t”.
  4. Distribute the exercise by day so that each workout is diverse and interesting.
  5. Training should work out all muscle groups, but it is necessary to evenly alternate exercises for different muscles.
  6. Try to drink water only after training, and not during.

CrossFit supporters will say that practicing this sport will develop your abilities, improve your health and improve your stamina, of course, if you stay alive!

What exercises can be performed at home

We present to your attention the training program developed by the well-known athlete and cross-trainer Lauren Plumey specifically for practicing at home. All you need is: small dumbbells weighing from 2 to 5 kilograms, a bench or a box. And this is quite enough to start doing crossfit!

“These workouts can be quite short, but you will definitely feel a burning sensation in your shoulders, legs and buttocks,” says Lauren about her program.

Simple exercises for home workout

Unfortunately, you will not be able to train completely without shells, you will need at least a horizontal bar, ideally, have another sandbag (sandbag) and a pair of dumbbells. At first, of course, you can do with one horizontal bar.


The most “cool” exercise in crossfit. You can perform both with and without weight. We show both options.
Sit down, put your hands on the floor, your legs should touch your chest. Fold your legs back, lying flat, then return to the starting position and jump up to the maximum. Then return to the starting position.

Crossfit at home: Burpee
Crossfit at home: Burpee

We make 15 Burpee in one circle.

Burpee with weights

In this exercise, you will need a sandbag. The principle of performance is the same as when performing burpy without weight, only here you will have a bag of sand in your hands and you will not need to jump up with it, you just need to lift it over your head.

Burpee with dumbbells
Burpee with dumbbells

An optional exercise, but if you have a sandbag, feel free to do it instead of the usual Burpee. Do 10 repetitions in one lap.


Simple pull-ups on the horizontal bar, but you need to do them as quickly as possible, so make a breakthrough. Swing your legs back and then sharply forward and at this moment stretch your chin to the crossbar.

kipping pull ups
Kipping pull ups

Do 15 repetitions in one lap.

Explosive squats

Also, almost ordinary squats, only at the moment when you need to get up jump out with all your strength up. Hands at the same time all the time should be behind the head.

Explosive squats
Explosive squats

Perform 15 explosive squats.

Lifting legs

Hang on the horizontal bar and lift your knees bent to the stomach, do it as quickly as possible and try not to rock your body. Only your press should work.

Lifting legs on the bar
Lifting legs on the bar

Perform 15 reps in one lap.

Explosive push ups

We do the usual push-ups, but during the exit from the lowest point, push your hands upwards, so that your palms are off the floor a few centimeters.

Explosive push ups
Explosive push ups

Perform 15 such pushups.

Here are some simple exercises. You can also add jogging to them if you have the opportunity to train at the stadium, and in the summer everyone has such an opportunity. In the sample program, which we write below, it will be indicated when to run.

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